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Wellcome Image Awards 2017

The 2017 Wellcome Image Awards took place on 15 March at the Wellcome Trust. Our overall winner was Spooky Pooka for his haunting evocation of the transformative nature of Crohn’s disease. This image; Stickman; the vicissitudes of Crohn’s (resolution) is part of a series surrounding the central character of Stickman, the alter ego of the artist, who himself suffers from the disease.


The winning images are now on display in science centres and public galleries around the world.

Images are judged on quality, technique, visual impact, and their ability to communicate and engage.

2017 Award prize money: £5,000 for the overall winner, £2,500 for the Julie Dorrington Award winner, and £500 for each of the other winning images.

Julie Dorrington Award

The 2016 Wellcome Image Awards saw the launch of the new Julie Dorrington Award for photography in a clinical environment. Named after one of the founders of the Wellcome Images clinical collection, this Award highlights the practice of clinical photography at a professional level and honours Julie’s contribution to Wellcome and to the clinical photography profession and the service it provides to medicine and medical education.

This year, the Julie Dorrington Award was awarded to Mark Bartley for his image of an intraocular lens ‘iris clip’. The photograph shows how an iris clip is fitted onto the eye. They are used to treat near-sightedness and cataracts (cloudiness of the lens).


Walking into eyes using VR | Wellcome Image Awards 2017

Filmed and edited by Chris Chapman.


More information

At this time, Wellcome is reviewing the successes and future development of the Wellcome Image Awards. More information on this will follow later this year.

We are also not accepting new images into the overall collections.


Lead image credit: Eric Clarke, Richard Arnett and Jane Burns, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland