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Submit your images by 11 September 2016 for a chance to win

The winning images will go on display in science centres and public galleries around the world.

Placing images in a picture library such as Wellcome Images is an excellent way to engage with the public and to increase their understanding of your work. In order for your images to be considered for the Awards, they first need to be accepted into our collections. We are looking to acquire high quality imagery that relate to biomedical science and contemporary healthcare, and are interested in all artistic media and imaging techniques, from hand-drawn illustrations to clinical photography, super-resolution microscopy and functional MRI scans.

Images are judged on quality, technique, visual impact, and their ability to communicate and engage.

Enter for your chance to win prize money: £5,000 for the overall winner, £2,500 for the Julie Dorrington Award winner, and £500 for each of the other winning images.

Need some inspiration?

See how this year’s overall winner, artist and scientist David Goodsell, created a unique watercolour painting of the molecular landscape inside an Ebola virus particle.

Illustrating Ebola | David S Goodsell. Filmed by Chadwick Trentham, edited by Gary Tobyn and produced by Chris Chapman.


Julie Dorrington Award

The 2016 Wellcome Image Awards saw the launch of the new Julie Dorrington Award for photography in a clinical environment. Named after one of the founders of the Wellcome Images clinical collection, this Award highlights the practice of clinical photography at a professional level and honours Julie’s contribution to Wellcome and to the clinical photography profession and the service it provides to medicine and medical education.

More Information

In order for your images to be considered for the Awards, they first need to be accepted into our collections. Wellcome Images is a leading image resource used by broadcasters, publishers and academics across the world. As a contributor you retain copyright, earn royalties and are fully acknowledged when your images are published or broadcast.

For more information or to submit images for the 2017 Awards, email us.

Lead image credit: Alfred Anwander, Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences/Wellcome Images