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Spooky Pooka

Spooky Pooka works as a professional illustrator and artist, employing the latest CGI (computer-generated imagery) technology in 3D visualisation. His illustrative roots are in the pre-digital Dadaist tradition, whose ethos he tries to maintain in his CGI work.

Spooky has always been fascinated by the fact that we often know more about the internal workings of our cars and household appliances than we do our own bodies. In recent years he has become interested in using the non-linear narrative structure of myths and folktales as a process for exploring the mind–body relationship through art.

Although CGI technology offers new and exciting ways to visualise scientific concepts and biological phenomena, it can be cold and clinical. In his recent work, Spooky Pooka has tried to explore a more fine art approach to CGI, which hopefully carries more emotional weight. This idea was prompted by the desire to explore through art his own experience of living with an incurable disease.