Sergio Bertazzo

Sergio grew up in Brazil, where he trained in chemistry and obtained a PhD in the physical chemistry of calcium phosphates (such as the inorganic component of bone and teeth). After a postdoctoral stay in Germany and another in Brazil, he joined Imperial College London in 2010 to work with Professor Molly Stevens on a collaborative project, together with Professor Sir Magdi H Yacoub and Dr Adrian Chester from the Heart Science Centre at Harefield Hospital.

His research focuses on biomineralisation and pathological calcification in the human body. He says: "To me, it is simply amazing how powerful microscopy can be in the search for answers to critical questions across so many scientific fields and, at the same time, produce fantastic images that capture everyone's imagination."

Sergio started as a research associate at Imperial and was later awarded a Junior Research Fellowship, during which he specialised on the study of calcified tissues using materials science.