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Paula Alexandre

Paula is a lecturer and research group leader at the University College London Institute of Child Health. Her research aims to understand the basic cellular and molecular mechanisms that regulate neurogenesis – the growth and development of nerve cells – and may be at the origin of developmental brain disorders. Paula graduated as a biochemist from Lisbon University in Portugal, and during her degree she undertook an Erasmus internship in Paris (without speaking a word of French) to study neurobiology for a year. She went back to Paris to work for a PhD with Marion Wassef, who instilled in her an enthusiasm for cell and developmental biology. To pursue her interest in live imaging, Paula joined Jon Clarke’s lab at UCL as a postdoc. She became an independent researcher in 2012 after being awarded a Dorothy Hodgkin Fellowship from the Royal Society. Live imaging often involves working unusual hours, which requires flexible parenting. Fortunately, she has a very supportive partner.