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Michael Northrop

Michael thrives on visual stimuli – self-generated or otherwise. His formal education began in fine art but quickly migrated to applied graphics as he gravitated toward advertising and the persuasive role of visual design. Michael was fascinated with the concepts of form and colour from an early age – an interest which has grown throughout his career as a visual artist and which continues to be his favourite aspect of the design process.

Michael began his career as a designer at an outdoor advertising agency in Salt Lake City, Utah, where he was introduced to digital design and the Macintosh computer. He was also surrounded by highly creative peers who taught him the art of client satisfaction through visual persuasion. Thirty years later, Michael’s design career is still going strong: he is currently serving as the manager of multimedia, print and design at the Biodesign Institute at Arizona State University.

In an effort to broaden his knowledge of applied graphic design, Michael is also completing a Master’s in graphic information technology at Arizona State University. Michael would encourage anyone interested in pursuing graphic design as a profession to experiment constantly, embrace your victories, forget your failures, and study the work of Edward Tufte, Andy Warhol, David Ogilvy and Paul Rand.