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Madeleine Kuijper

Madeleine has been drawing for as long as she can remember. Growing up in Amsterdam, where she frequently visited art exhibitions and the numerous museums, there was always an abundance of inspiration nearby. As a child, illustrated books of the works of (among others) Gustave Doré, Maurice Sendak and Dutch illustrator Peter Vos pulled her into a parallel world in which there were no limits to fantasy. Drawing started out as a hobby, but gradually became a necessity of self-expression and finally a professional career.

At the Wackers Academy in Amsterdam, Madeleine discovered that she was not so much a painter as a draftswoman, thinking and working best with lines rather than patches of colour. She then continued to develop her own style in an autodidactical manner. Her works can be characterised as detailed and ironical depictions of nonexistent beings and comical situations. Transformation is a common theme in her work.

Her drawings, etchings and linocuts were exhibited at the Central Library of Amsterdam from November 2016 until January 2017.