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Kevin Mackenzie

Kevin manages the Microscopy and Histology Core Facility at the University of Aberdeen's Institute of Medical Sciences. The Facility offers a wide variety of imaging and microscopic techniques to researchers within the University and handles a diverse range of samples, including bone cells, yeast, plants and invertebrates.

Kevin has worked at the University in the microscopy field for more than 34 years, starting out as a histology technician in the Department of Anatomy, where he developed a keen interest in electron microscopy. He has since worked in other departments, including Plant Science and Zoology, and has acquired a breadth of knowledge across various disciplines.

Kevin says: "I first became interested in photography while working in anatomy - this was in the pre-digital days, when processing and developing was done in the darkroom! Ever since I have been on the lookout for unusual specimens to capture under both the light and electron microscope. With the advent of digital imaging, it has become much easier to enhance the final image."