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Joshua Mcdonald

Having grown up in a very small town on the east coast of Australia, Josh made the decision to move away from home at the age of 15 to avoid the local party culture, which he found was detrimental to his overall development. While this was a young age at which to be seeking full independence, Josh is extremely grateful that his family allowed him this freedom, as it paved the way for his personal development.

At the age of 17, Josh booked a one-way flight to Paris and began to explore, with the intention of pursuing photography – specifically, human rights photojournalism. During his travels, Josh has covered a variety of human rights and health issues in diverse areas, such as the Middle East, Africa, Central America and other far-off corners of the world.

Experiencing battleground gunfire, massive fires, brutal working conditions and dramatic political turmoil has only further solidified Josh’s drive to use photography as a means of communicating human tragedy, and he believes it is time to have more discussions about how to solve the major crises currently occurring across the globe. Through photography, Josh aims to establish a connection and to forge a visual language through which more barriers can be broken, ultimately helping the human race to better understand itself.