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Izzat Suffian, Kuo-Ching Mei, Houmam Kafa and Khuloud Al-Jamal

Izzat studied chemical science and engineering at Kobe University, Japan. After this, he moved to King’s College London’s Institute of Pharmaceutical Science to pursue his PhD, which involves engineering targeted hepatitis B virus core particles for cancer therapy. As well as being a previous Wellcome Image Award winner, Izzat has also won a science photography competition organised by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council. Away from the research life, he likes cooking and baking. He runs an online patisserie, Fai’s Signature.

Mei obtained his BSc in pharmacy from Taipei Medical University, Taiwan, and then worked at the Medical and Pharmaceutical Industry Technology and Development Centre and United Biomedical Inc., Asia. He moved to the School of Pharmacy, University of London, for his MRes degree in nanomedicine and targeted drug delivery. He worked as a research assistant at University College London for few months before joining Impax Laboratories, Inc., Taiwan, as an associate formulation scientist. He was awarded the Graduate School International Research Award from King’s College London in 2013 to continue his PhD studies at the Institute of Pharmaceutical Science. He is now working on multimodal delivery systems, based on carbon nanostructures, for brain targeting.

Houmam is a final-year PhD student at King’s College London working on the delivery of nanomaterials across the blood–brain barrier. He obtained his BSc in biochemistry and toxicology from the University of Surrey, and has worked as an environmental toxicology research assistant with the Atomic Energy Commission in Syria. Houmam has extensive experience in using state-of-the art specialised electron microscopy techniques to characterise interactions between carbon nanotubes and porcine brain endothelial cell co-cultures.

Khuloud is a Reader in Nanomedicine at King’s College London. After completing her PhD in drug delivery at the School of Pharmacy, University of London, she worked on exploring the use of cationic dendrimers to inhibit the growth of tumours. At King’s, her team works on using nanotechnology to find better ways to deliver medicines. In addition to Khuloud’s passion for research, she still enjoys working as a pharmacist from time to time, as she strongly believes in staying in touch with the end users of medicines. She is a previous Wellcome Image Award winner.