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Daria Kirpach

Daria started drawing as a child, and this led to her studying illustration at the Academy of Arts in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Daria’s greatest ambition is to communicate with and educate children through her art. She uses editorial illustrations to teach the younger generation the eternal values of peace, love, compassion, ecology and world culture, through her use of colour, clean line work, and immediate and clear concepts.

Daria’s many influences include the great Russian masters Bilibin, Benoit and Bakst, as well as the traditional fairy tales that regained popularity in Russia during the 19th and 20th centuries; born in 1980, Daria grew up with this work. In 2005, she moved to Italy to finish her studies. Here she has been strongly influenced by works of classical and modern Italian art and design.

Daria has travelled a lot and has seen many wonderful places and museum collections around Europe, and considers herself lucky to have been able to develop a profession from her passion.

Daria is represented by Salzman International.