Chris Thorn

Chris is an artist based in the West Country of England with a background in radiology. Having been involved in radiography for more than 40 years, Chris says that he has witnessed significant advances in the field, particularly the advent of digital equipment and processes.

Chris's involvement in radiography began in the 1960s, and of this he says: "Although my initial training and education can hardly be described as structured, training efficacy then was largely dependent on the hands-on experience of the tutor. Eventually, however, I joined the digital age, investing in various micro-focal systems. I have now shamelessly regressed to the 'good old days', recreating the magic of manually coaxing latent images to appear from the mystical pool of the developing tray. This 'retro' approach serves me well, as I no longer have need for repeatable standardisation, preferring instead to explore options in concert with my selected subject, rather than relying on previously recorded exposure data or automated exposure control. Errors and mistakes (glorious mistakes) abound, and are embraced with enthusiasm as they are often a path to a new place."