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Suchita Nadkarni

Suchita’s interest in science began in high school when she discovered the many uses of the Bunsen burner. She quickly realised that science had evolved, alas, without need for the Bunsen, but by then she was already hooked.

During her undergraduate degree in biomedical science at King’s College London, Suchita developed a love for the immune system, and went on to do her PhD at University College London looking at the role of regulatory T cells in rheumatoid arthritis patients. She currently works at Queen Mary University of London, researching novel interactions between the innate and adaptive immune systems in vascular development, and has just become an independent researcher, having been awarded a fellowship from the British Heart Foundation.

Suchita is an avid fan of cooking and reading crime novels set in the Victorian era. She lives in London with her husband, daughter, and cat, Molly.