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Peter M Maloca, Christian Schwaller, Ruslan Hlushchuk and Sébastien Barré

Peter M Maloca

When Peter was six years old, he contracted an eye infection that temporarily prevented him from opening his eyes. When he visited the doctor with his mother, he was asked to sit on the examination chair, but was so small that initially the doctor was unable to examine his eyes. Peter didn’t realise the examination chair was electrically powered: suddenly, it was hoisted up by the doctor, and Peter thought that the healing of his infection was a true miracle. He was so impressed, he was inspired to learn more about medicine in order to contribute to such ‘miracles’ himself. He decided to become a curious eye doctor, and is now the owner of his own electrical examination chair where he practises in Switzerland. More recently, Peter has taken on a role within the team of Adnan Tufail at Moorfields Eye Hospital in London.

Outside of work, Peter loves learning new languages, watching and making movies, and taking photographs. But most important are his two daughters and his wife – together they like to play soccer, swim, hike and ski.

Peter was born in Switzerland and lives in Lucerne – the ‘City of Lights’ – located in the heart of the country next to a beautiful lake and a high mountain called Mount Pilatus. Both his parents and grandparents were farmers. They were not highly educated, but they were very wise. His mother always gave him the advice: “Trust in yourself and you will get trust from others.”

Christian Schwaller

Christian is a visual artist living in Switzerland who uses both drawing and 3D computer-generated images and forms in his work. He freelances on image and film productions and lectures in 3D computer graphics at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Lucerne. He also works as a modelling specialist in 3D-scanning and -printing procedures, which is great for introducing his skills as a visual artist into science and research projects.

Inspired by natural phenomena and architecture, but also science fiction and comic art, Christian has always been drawing and creating images. It was through this interest that he started working with 3D-imaging software.

Ruslan Hlushchuk

Ruslan is originally from Ukraine, where he studied at the Lviv Physics and Mathematics Lyceum. After graduating, he obtained a medical degree to become a vascular surgeon, and pursued a research career in vascular biology. Vascular imaging had always fascinated him, and over time became his main research focus.

Ruslan works at the Institute of Anatomy at the University of Bern in Switzerland. He and his team have developed a new contrast agent called µAngiofil, which enables the very smallest blood vessels (microvasculature) to be seen in 3D at an unprecedented level of detail using micro-computed tomography (micro-CT). This imaging technique is helping us to understand various diseases – including cardiovascular diseases, neurovascular disorders and cancer – and how they respond to treatments. The findings should contribute to the better treatment of millions of patients.

Sébastien Barré

Growing up in Bern, Switzerland, Sébastien worked at the Institute of Anatomy at the University of Bern throughout both his PhD and postdoctoral studies. Now he lives in Lausanne, also in Switzerland, and works as a clinical affairs specialist for the company Dentsply Sirona, specialising in endodontics (the study and treatment of the dental pulp inside teeth).

Sébastien has always been curious about how everyday objects are composed, and working as an engineer in the biomedical sciences allows him to find answers. Working with micro-computed tomography (micro-CT) has given him the opportunity to better understand how nature deals with the creation of complex structures like the eye. Sébastien also believes it is very important to enjoy your work: you spend a lot of time doing it, so it must be fun!

In his free time Sébastien likes to play sport, spend time with friends and travel.