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Ingrid Lekk and Steve Wilson

Ingrid Lekk

Ingrid is a PhD student working on zebrafish brain asymmetry in Steve Wilson’s group at University College London. She sees photography as a powerful way to describe the sheer beauty of the natural world and bring science closer to people. Whether it is imaging embryonic development using the amazing microscopy techniques on offer these days, or running after beetles and butterflies in Estonian forests with her not so amazing camera, she enjoys taking pictures of things too small or too fast for the eye to catch. After studying molecular biology at Tallinn University of Technology, Ingrid left her sweet home for the great metropolis of London to join a Wellcome PhD programme. Her passion for neuroscience and photography have now been happily united in Steve’s lab.

Steve Wilson

Steve’s group at University College London has a longstanding interest in forebrain development, with current research topics focusing on eye development and brain asymmetry. An image from the eye team was a Wellcome Image Award winner a few years ago, so it’s great that one from the asymmetry side of the lab is featured this year.