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Two young boys in rural Nicaragua

Joshua Mcdonald

In Chichigalpa, a town in Nicaragua in Central America, chronic kidney disease (CKD) affects more than half of the adult population. One in three men are in the end stage of kidney (renal) failure, and CKD is responsible for 75 per cent of deaths of men aged 35–55. At least 20,000 people are estimated to have died from the disease in the past two decades.

Chronic kidney disease of non-traditional causes (CKDnT) is associated with heavy labour in hot temperatures, particularly among industrial agricultural workers, such as those working in sugarcane production. Here, two brothers stand in an alley. They have lost two cousins to CKDnT, both men who worked as cutters in sugarcane fields. The boys’ mother still works as a cutter in the fields despite having lost two brothers to CKDnT. The two boys were reluctant to speak to the photojournalist in case it jeopardised their chances of working in the sugarcane fields.

Imaging technique: Photography

Photography is essentially the capture of light at a given moment in time. Light entering a camera hits either a chemical film (film camera) or electronic plate (digital camera) that captures the light rays. In traditional photography, the film then has to be developed in a dark room, using a series of chemicals to produce the final image.

Location where image was created

Nicaragua, Central America 

Image creator

Josh grew up in a very small town on the east coast of Australia, and at the age of 17 booked a one-way flight to Paris, with the intent to pursue photography – more specifically, human rights photojournalism. During his travels, Josh has covered a variety of human rights and health issues in diverse areas, such as the Middle East, Africa, Central America and other far-off corners of the world. Find out more.

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