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Pregnant pony uterus

Michael Frank, Royal Veterinary College

Download this image from Wellcome Collection.

Photograph of a pregnant uterus (womb) from a New Forest pony, approximately five months into the pregnancy. The developing pony (fetus) is outside the uterus but remains attached by its membranes and umbilical cord. The bent back legs of the fetus are sticking out from the membranes (top right-hand side). The uterus has been cut open to reveal its vast blood supply, which is visible on the inner surface. This historical specimen is from a cull animal that happened to be pregnant at the time. It is preserved in formalin in a Perspex container and was photographed in the Anatomy Museum of the Royal Veterinary College in London. The container measures 48 x 30 x 7 cm.

Why was this image chosen as the overall winner?

Our judges were unanimous in their decision, as James, Fergus and Sir Tim explain:

“As far as standout images go, the image of the horse’s uterus with the fetus was incredible and just sticks in my mind. It evokes many different emotions at once: it’s fascinating, sad, macabre, almost brutal. Yet the subject is also delicate, detailed and beautiful. The image shows us a large and magnificent creature reduced to this sad, fragile and half-formed creation, which I find very humbling.”

James Cutmore, Picture Editor of 'BBC Focus'

“Those rear legs of a horse from an equine uterus – a compelling and haunting image.”

Fergus Walsh, Medical Correspondent for the BBC

“My favourite picture is of the equine uterus. Its presentation is hypnotic, like a Hieronymus Bosch painting… only it is real and truly marvellous.”

Sir Tim Smit, Founding Director of the Eden Project