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Old anatomy model

Anthony Edwards, St James’s Hospital, Dublin

Download this image from Wellcome Collection.

Photograph of an old anatomical model. Models like these provide one way for people to look under their skin and see what they are made of and how it all fits and works together. They have varying levels of detail and some have removable parts, and they are often used to educate students or explain medical procedures to patients. This particular model was about to be thrown away as rubbish when the photographer decided to rescue it and take one last photograph to honour the service it had provided to medical students at Trinity College Dublin. The photographer used lighting to create a specific mood, and the model looks as if it is sleeping or taking a rest in a chair after a long day.

Why did the judges like this image?

Adam explained: “The model, the photo and the story are all beautiful. These models are the next best thing to actual bodies for learning anatomy, and have a kind of beauty about them. The fact that it was retrieved from a dump at Trinity makes its story tragic and we felt, like the photographer, that its service and beauty were worth honouring.”

Adam Rutherford, science writer and broadcaster