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2015 Award Winners

Cat tongue

David Linstead

Tuatara skeleton

Sophie Regnault

Pregnant pony uterus

Michael Frank, Royal Veterinary College

Goat stomach chamber

Michael Frank, Royal Veterinary College

Curvature of the spine

Mark Bartley, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

3D-printed lungs in ribcage

Dave Farnham

Chemical reactions in the kidney

Jefferson R Brown, Robert E Marc, Bryan W Jones, Glen Prusky and Nazia Alam

Purkinje cell

Professor M Häusser, Sarah Rieubland and Arnd Roth, UCL

Mouse brain

Luis de la Torre-Ubieta, Geschwind Laboratory, UCLA

Newly discovered parasitoid wasp

Andrew Polaszek, Natural History Museum

Delivering medicine to the brain

Khuloud T Al-Jamal, Serene Tay and Michael Cicirko

Mapping brain wiring

Dr Flavio Dell’Acqua

Children’s multi-sensory unit

Geraldine Thompson, Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Old anatomy model

Anthony Edwards, St James’s Hospital, Dublin

Greenfly eye

Kevin Mackenzie, University of Aberdeen

Pollen grains

Maurizio De Angelis

Delivering medicine to the lungs

Gregory Szeto, Adelaide Tovar and Jeffrey Wyckoff, Koch Institute, copyright MIT

Boll weevil

Daniel Kariko

Fruit-fly nervous system

Albert Cardona, HHMI Janelia Research Campus


James Cutmore

Anne Deconinck

Catherine Draycott

Eric Hilaire

Robin Lovell-Badge

Alice Roberts

Adam Rutherford

Sir Tim Smit

Fergus Walsh